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SQL and NoSQL Databases. 2 Ed
SQL and NoSQL Databases. 2 Ed. Michael Kaufmann, Andreas Meier (2023)

 This textbook offers a comprehensive introduction to relational (SQL) and non-relational (NoSQL) databases. The authors thoroughly review the current state of database tools and techniques and examine upcoming innovations.

 In the first five chapters, the authors analyze in …


SQL для анализа данных
SQL для анализа данных. Кэти Танимура (2024)

 Рассказывается о возможностях SQL применительно к анализу данных. Сравниваются различные типы баз данных, описаны методы подготовки данных для анализа. Рассказано о типах данных, структуре SQL-запросов, профилировании, структурировании и очистке данных. Описаны методы анализа временных рядов, трендов, приведены примеры анализа данных …


Mastering MEAN Stack
Mastering MEAN Stack. Pinakin Ashok Chaubal (2023)

The MEAN stack, comprising MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js, is a widely used and robust web development framework. Acquiring expertise in the MEAN stack will equip you with the necessary skills to strengthen your web development capabilities, enabling you to …


SQL and NoSQL Interview Questions
SQL and NoSQL Interview Questions. Vishwanathan Narayanan (2023)

 In every software-based job interview, database systems will undoubtedly be a topic of discussion. It has become customary to ask at least a few database-related questions. As NoSQL technologies continue to gain popularity, asking about their functionality and practical applications …


MongoDB for Jobseekers
MongoDB for Jobseekers. Justin Jenkins (2023)

 MongoDB for Jobseekers serves as the ultimate companion, providing assistance and support throughout your entire MongoDB learning journey. Whether you are an experienced professional exploring new career paths or an aspiring jobseeker looking to enhance your opportunities, this comprehensive guide …


PostgreSQL for Jobseekers
PostgreSQL for Jobseekers. Sonia Valeja, David Gonzalez (2023)

 PostgreSQL is a powerful open-source relational database management system (RDBMS) that is widely used in the industry. If you are seeking to acquire knowledge about PostgreSQL, this book is for you.

 This comprehensive book provides you with …


Mastering SQL
Mastering SQL. Sufyan bin Uzayr (2024)

Mastering SQL helps readers gain a firm understanding of the Structured Query Language.

Structured Query Language, more often known as SQL, is the de facto standard language for working with databases. It is a specialized language for handling data-related tasks like …


Getting Started with SQL and Databases
Getting Started with SQL and Databases. Mark Simon (2023)

 Learn the basics of writing SQL scripts. Using Standard SQL as the starting point, this book teaches writing SQL in various popular dialects, including PostgreSQL, MySQL/MariaDB, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and SQLite.

 The book starts with a general introduction to …


Leveling Up with SQL
Leveling Up with SQL. Mark Simon (2023)

  Learn to write SQL queries to select and analyze data, and improve your ability to manipulate data. This book will help you take your existing skills to the next level.

 Author Mark Simon kicks things off with a quick …


Data Wrangling with SQL
Data Wrangling with SQL. Raghav Kandarpa, Shivangi Saxena (2023)

Become a data wrangling expert and make well-informed decisions by effectively utilizing and analyzing raw unstructured data in a systematic manner Purchase of the print or Kindle book includes a free PDF eBook

Key Features

  • Implement query optimization during …


Pro Encryption in SQL Server 2022
Pro Encryption in SQL Server 2022. Matthew McGiffen (2022)

 This in-depth look at the encryption tools available in SQL Server shows you how to protect data by encrypting it at rest with Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) and in transit with Transport Level Security (TLS). You will know how to …


Основы использования и проектирования баз данных
Основы использования и проектирования баз данных. Илюшечкин В.М. (2019)

 В учебнике содержатся теоретические и практические сведения о современных системах управления базами данных (СУБД), об использовании и проектировании баз данных. Рассматриваются языковые и программные средства СУБД и систем автоматизации проектирования баз данных. Приведены примеры создания инфологических и даталогических моделей, позволяющие …