Advanced JavaScript Unleashed

Advanced JavaScript Unleashed

 Understand the confusing parts of JavaScript - Become a confident JavaScript pro by unraveling the most challenging aspects of the language. With easy-to-understand explanations and code examples, you’ll gain a solid understanding of JavaScript's most complex features in Advanced JavaScript Unleashed.

 With the continued popularity of JavaScript frontend frameworks like React, Vue, or Angular, having a solid understanding of the more complicated parts of JavaScript is more important than ever. And with JavaScript being a dynamically typed language, it has some quirks. Some of its features can be confusing or hard to understand, for beginners and intermediate developers alike.

 After answering the questions of hundreds of JavaScript developers, Unpacking Intermediate JavaScript book author, Yousaf Khan, realized that the same few topics kept coming up over and over. There were fundamental aspects of JavaScript that developers were missing!

 This book aims to make it attainable for anyone to develop a deeper understanding of JavaScript by providing easy-to-understand explanations of all the important and hard-to-understand topics that keep many devs stagnant, producing the most bugs and unmaintainable code.

 Unpacking Intermediate JavaScript aims to make it attainable for anyone to develop a deeper understanding of the JavaScript language by providing clear and concise explanations of core mid-level topics. The book will cover closures, coercion, asynchronous nature of Javascript, hoisting, and event loop. But also dive into advanced topics like promises, async-await, and more.

 With multiple popular frontend JavaScript frameworks in use today (React, Vue, or Angular,) having a solid understanding of JavaScript makes it easy to learn and work with these frameworks.The carefully curated knowledge presented in this book will help you develop a solid understanding of the JavaScript language, and in turn will make it easy for you to work with different JavaScript frameworks.

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