How JavaScript Works

How JavaScript Works

 JavaScript is a complicated language with a lot of misinformation surrounding how it works. This book provides a comprehensive introduction to JavaScript, from how it works at a technical level to how it is used to create websites and applications. Everything you need to know to start a career in JavaScript development is covered here.

 How JavaScript Works begins with a practical introduction of the basics before moving into the technical underpinnings of JavaScript, detailing everything you need to know, including variables, memory storage, functions, classes, types, maps, sets and APIs. Once you’ve fully absorbed these key topics. author Jonathan Simpson will show you how to put them into practice, demonstrating how they are employed for modern web development. You’ll learn how to use JavaScript with HTML and CSS to construct web pages and applications, how to change CSS with JavaScript, and how to utilize Fetch and asynchronous operations.

 Uponcompleting this book, you will have the foundational knowledge necessary to continue your journey to becoming a professional JavaScript developer.

What You Will Learn:

  • Gain insight into the technical essentials of JavaScript and how it works
  • Learn advanced concepts and such as memory storage and how classes, functions and objects actually work
  • Explore the basic mathematical underpinnings of JavaScript
  • Understand how JavaScript is used to manipulate HTML and CSS
  • Obtain the tools and knowledge needed to start your career in web development

Who This Book Is For:

  Anyone interested in a web development career, as well as those who may have already embarked on their careers, but who want to deepen their technical understanding of JavaScript and how it works.

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