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Rust for C++ Programmers
Rust for C++ Programmers. Mustafif Khan (2023)

 Rust is one of the most loved programming languages among developers. It is rapidly being adopted as the industry moves towards memory-safety systems programming languages. If you want to switch from C/C++ to Rust, this book is for you.

 “Rust …


Rust в действии
Rust в действии. Тим Макнамара (2023)

 Книга о прикладных аспектах языка программирования Rust, описывающая внутреннее устройство языка и сферы его использования. Rust рассматривается как современное дополнение для С при программировании ядра ОС и при системном программировании, а также как низкоуровневый скоростной язык, обеспечивающий максимальную производительность. Объяснены …


The Rust Programming Language. 2 Ed
The Rust Programming Language. 2 Ed. Steve Klabnik, Carol Nichols (2023)

 With over 50,000 copies sold, The Rust Programming Language is the quintessential guide to programming in Rust. Thoroughly updated to Rust’s latest version, this edition is considered the language’s official documentation.

 The Rust Programming Language "covers everything you could want …


Game Development with Rust and WebAssembly
Game Development with Rust and WebAssembly. Eric Smith (2022)

 The Rust programming language has held the most-loved technology ranking on Stack Overflow for 6 years running, while JavaScript has been the most-used programming language for 9 years straight as it runs on every web browser. Now, thanks to WebAssembly …


Command-Line Rust
Command-Line Rust. Ken Youens-Clark (2022)

 For several consecutive years, Rust has been voted "most loved programming language" in Stack Overflow's annual developer survey. This open source systems programming language is now used for everything from game engines and operating systems to browser components and virtual …


Rust Web Programming. 2 Ed
Rust Web Programming. 2 Ed. Maxwell Flitton (2023)

Are safety and high performance a big concern for you while developing web applications? With this practical Rust book, you’ll discover how you can implement Rust on the web to achieve the desired performance and security as you learn techniques …


Zero To Production In Rust
Zero To Production In Rust. Luca Palmieri (2021)

 Zero To Production is the ideal starting point for your journey as a Rust backend developer.
 You will learn by doing: you will build a fully functional email newsletter API, starting from scratch.

You'll learn how to:

  • Navigate and …


Hands-on Rust
Hands-on Rust. Wolverson Herbert (2021)

 Rust is an exciting programming language that combines the power of C with memory safety, fearless concurrency, and productivity boosters. It offers closeto-the-metal power and performance, while also providing a safety net to avoid many of the more common …


Practical System programming for Rust developers
Practical System programming for Rust developers. Eshwarla Prabhu (2020)

 The modern software stack is evolving rapidly in size and complexity. Technology domains such as the cloud, the web, data science, machine learning, DevOps, containers, IoT, embedded systems, distributed ledgers, virtual and augmented reality, and artificial intelligence continue to evolve …


Rust Standard Library Cookbook
Rust Standard Library Cookbook. Jan Nils Ferner, Daniel Durante (2018)

 Mozilla's Rust is slowly gaining attention, with amazing features and a powerful library. This book will take you through varied recipes that will teach you how to leverage the standard library to implement efficient solutions.

 The book begins with a …


Mastering Rust. 2 Ed
Mastering Rust. 2 Ed. Rahul Sharma, Vesa Kaihlavirta (2018)

 This book is about Rust, a programming language that empowers you to build all kinds of software systems, ranging from low-level embedded software to dynamic web applications. Rust is fast, reliable, and safe. It offers performance and safety guarantees that …


Hands-On Concurrency with Rust
Hands-On Concurrency with Rust. Brian L. Troutwine (2018)

 Welcome. The aim of this book is to teach beginner and moderate Rust programmers how to exploit modern parallel machines in the Rust programming language. This book will contain a variety of information relevant specifically to the Rust programming …