MySQL Database Service Revealed

MySQL Database Service Revealed

 Access all the information you need to begin using the MySQL Database Service (MDS) in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). MDS is Oracle’s new platform as a service (PAAS) offering for open-source database users. This book covers getting started with an account in OCI, gives a brief overview of OCI services available, and provides a short tutorial on MDS. Reading this book helps you take advantage of the powerful OCI features by building your own MySQL database in the cloud.

 Examples in this book center around running MDS in OCI, and include several of the popular use cases as well as advice on how to implement them. In addition, you will learn more about the related MDS OCI features, such as the high availability features currently available. Finally, you will learn how to back up and restore your data as well as how to get your data into and out of the cloud. The skills you learn in this book will help you get started using MDS and letting Oracle do the heavy lifting of managing MDS operations and implementation.

What You Will Learn

  • Use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)
  • Deploy MySQL Database Service (MDS) systems in the cloud
  • Connect your applications to MDS
  • Back up and recover using the data recovery features of MDS
  • Employ the newest high availability features of MDS

Who This Book Is For

 Systems engineers, developers, and database professionals who want to learn about the powerful features of the MySQL Database Service (MDS) and how to incorporate cloud-based database storage into their infrastructure and applications. Readers who are new to MySQL will appreciate the tutorial chapter, and those familiar with MySQL will learn the latest features of MDS as well as how to build inexpensive, powerful MySQL database servers in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

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