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Design Patterns in .NET 6. 3 Ed
Design Patterns in .NET 6. 3 Ed. Dmitri Nesteruk (2022)

 Implement design patterns in .NET 6 using the latest versions of the C# and F# languages. This book provides a comprehensive overview of the field of design patterns as they are used in today’s developer toolbox. In addition to the …


Get programming with F#
Get programming with F#. Isaac Abraham (2018)

 This book takes a practical look at how to start using functional programming techniques with F# in production applications, using frameworks, libraries, and tools that you’re already familiar with, as well as exploring F#-specific libraries that open up all sorts …


Stylish F#
Stylish F#. Kit Eason (2018)

 There are three distinct philosophies that you can apply to computer programming. You can think of programming as a science, where the measure of progress is how well you discover and reflect fundamental mathematical concepts in your code. You can …