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Enterprise Applications with C# and .NET
Enterprise Applications with C# and .NET. Alexandre F. Malavasi Cardoso (2023)

Building enterprise applications is a complex task that requires a comprehensive understanding of the latest technologies and programming languages. C# and .NET are powerful tools that have become increasingly popular in enterprise development.

This book will help …


Software Architecture by Example
Software Architecture by Example. Paul Michaels (2022)

 Design system solutions using modern architectural patterns and practices. This book discusses methods to keep a system responsive, even when it is being constantly updated, extending a system's functionality without changing the core code, methods of maintaining data history, and …


The C# Workshop
The C# Workshop. Jason Hales, Almantas Karpavicius, and Mateus Viegas (2022)

 C# is a powerful, versatile language that can unlock a variety of career paths. But, as with any programming language, learning C# can be a challenging process. With a wide range of different resources available, it's difficult to know where …


Design Patterns in .NET 6. 3 Ed
Design Patterns in .NET 6. 3 Ed. Dmitri Nesteruk (2022)

 Implement design patterns in .NET 6 using the latest versions of the C# and F# languages. This book provides a comprehensive overview of the field of design patterns as they are used in today’s developer toolbox. In addition to the …


Программирование. Базовый курс C#
Программирование. Базовый курс C#. В. В. Подбельский (2020)

 На основе последних версий языка программирования C# и платформы .NET Framework изложены основные концепции и механизмы современного программирования. Методика изложения и тщательно отобранные примеры позволяют освоить не только синтаксис и семантику языка C#, но и изучить фундаментальные принципы процедурного, …


Selenium with C#
Selenium with C#. Pallavi Sharma (2023)

 Selenium, a web browser automation tool that has been around for a long time, is extensively utilized by developers and testers to generate automated tests for verifying the proper functioning of web applications. When combined with C#, Selenium can produce …


Microsoft Visual C# Step by Step. 10 Ed
Microsoft Visual C# Step by Step. 10 Ed. John Sharp (2022)

 Expand your expertise―and teach yourself the fundamentals of programming the latest version of Visual C# with Visual Studio 2022. This book provides software developers all the guidance, exercises, and code needed to start building responsive, scalable, cloud-connected applications that can …


C# 10.0 All-in-One For Dummies
C# 10.0 All-in-One For Dummies. John Paul Mueller (2022)

  Look sharp―learn or refresh your C# skills with the latest version

  C# is one of the most popular programming languages, and frequent updates help it keep pace as the world of coding changes. You can keep pace too, …


Справочник C#. Кратко, быстро, под рукой
Справочник C#. Кратко, быстро, под рукой. Евдокимов П. В., Дубовик Е. В. (2023)

 Данный справочник содержит ключевую информацию о С# в удобной и наглядной форме. Структура справочника позволяет быстро и легко находить нужную информацию, получать примеры использования тех или иных элементов и конструкций С#.

 Рассмотрены основы синтаксиса С# и первые …


Essential Algorithms. 2 Ed
Essential Algorithms. 2 Ed. Rod Stephens (2019)

 The revised and updated second edition of Essential Algorithms, offers an accessible introduction to computer algorithms. The book contains a description of important classical algorithms and explains when each is appropriate. The author shows how to analyze algorithms in order to understand …


The C# Type System
The C# Type System. Steve Love (2024)

 The type system is the foundation upon which all C# programs are built. The C# Type System will show you how todefine and implement value types effectively, and write more performant and robust code. Real-world code examplesand test cases throughout will elevate …


Introducing Functional Programming Using C#
Introducing Functional Programming Using C#. Vaskaran Sarcar (2023)

 Understand the power of C#, a multi-paradigm language. This book will help you learn, analyze, and harness the functional aspects of C# so you can create a better program.

 The book is divided into two parts. Part I starts with …