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Pro Cryptography and Cryptanalysis with C++23. 2 Ed
Pro Cryptography and Cryptanalysis with C++23. 2 Ed. Marius Iulian Mihailescu, Stefania Loredana Nita (2023)

 Develop strong skills for writing cryptographic algorithms and security schemes/modules using C++23 and its new features. This book will teach you the right methods for writing advanced cryptographic algorithms, such as elliptic curve cryptography algorithms, lattice-based cryptography, searchable encryption, and homomorphic …


Hands-On Design Patterns with C++. 2 Ed
Hands-On Design Patterns with C++. 2 Ed. Fedor G. Pikus (2023)

 C++ is a general-purpose programming language designed for efficiency, performance, and flexibility. Design patterns are commonly accepted solutions to well-recognized design problems. In essence, they are a library of reusable components, only for software architecture, and not for a concrete …


Unreal Engine 5 Game Development with C++ Scripting
Unreal Engine 5 Game Development with C++ Scripting. Zhenyu George Li (2023)

 Unreal Engine is one of the most popular and accessible game engines in the industry, creating multiple job opportunities. Owing to C++ scripting's high performance, advanced algorithms, and engineering maintenance, it has become the industry standard for developing commercial games. …


Multiplayer Game Development with Unreal Engine 5
Multiplayer Game Development with Unreal Engine 5. Marco Secchi (2023)

If you’re fascinated by the immersive gaming experiences that enable multiple users to engage in collaborative or competitive gameplay, this Unreal Engine 5 game development book is for you.

In this book, you’ll learn the foundational principles behind multiplayer games. …


Introducing Qt 6
Introducing Qt 6. Ben Coepp (2022)

 Get started quickly with Qt, the popular open source C++ framework for building C++-based applications and games. This book will have you building both fully functional desktop and mobile applications in no time, including some simple game applications.

 Introducing Qt …


Modern Parallel Programming with C++ and Assembly Language
Modern Parallel Programming with C++ and Assembly Language. Daniel Kusswurm (2022)

 Learn the fundamentals of x86 Single instruction multiple data (SIMD) programming using C++ intrinsic functions and x86-64 assembly language. This book emphasizes x86 SIMD programming topics and technologies that are relevant to modern software development in applications which can exploit …


Rust for C++ Programmers
Rust for C++ Programmers. Mustafif Khan (2023)

 Rust is one of the most loved programming languages among developers. It is rapidly being adopted as the industry moves towards memory-safety systems programming languages. If you want to switch from C/C++ to Rust, this book is for you.

 “Rust …


Beginning C++23: From Beginner to Pro. 7 Ed
Beginning C++23: From Beginner to Pro. 7 Ed. Ivor Horton, Peter Van Weert (2023)

 Begin your programming journey with C++ , starting with the basics and progressing through step-by-step examples that will help you become a proficient C++ programmer. This book includes new features from the C++23 standard. All you need are Beginning C++23 and any …


Data Parallel C++. 2 Ed
Data Parallel C++. 2 Ed. James Reinders, Ben Ashbaugh, James Brodman, Michael Kinsner, John Pennycook, Xinmin Tian (2023)

 "This book, now in is second edition, is the premier resource to learn SYCL 2020 and is the ONLY book you need to become part of this community." Erik Lindahl, GROMACS and Stockholm University

 Learn how to accelerate C++ programs using …


Экскурсия по C++. 3 изд.
Экскурсия по C++. 3 изд.. Бьярне Страуструп (2023)

 В третьем издании "Экскурсии по C+", Бьярне Страуструп дает обзор стандарта ISO C++, C++20, цель которого - дать опытным программистам четкое представление о том, что представляет собой современный C++. Это пересмотренное и обновленное издание, содержащее тщательно проработанные примеры и практическую …


Программирование встроенных систем на C++17
Программирование встроенных систем на C++17. Майа Пош (2020)

 C++ - превосходный выбор для разработки встроенных систем, особенно с учетом того, что этот язык не добавляет каких-либо излишеств, улучшает удобство сопровождения и предлагает множество преимуществ над прочими языками программирования. Из книги вы узнаете, как можно применять C++ для создания …


Test-Driven Development with C++
Test-Driven Development with C++. Abdul Wahid Tanner (2022)

 Modern, standard C++ is all that is needed to create a small and practical testing framework that will improve the design of any project. This allows you to think about how the code will be used, which is the first …