Statistics Slam Dunk

 Statistics Slam Dunk is a data science manual with a difference. Each chapter is a complete, self-contained statistics or data science project for you to work through—from importing data, to wrangling it, testing it, visualizing it, and modeling it. Throughout the book, you’ll work exclusively with NBA data sets and the R language, applying best-in-class statistics techniques to reveal fun and fascinating truths about the NBA.

About the book

 Is losing basketball games on purpose a rational strategy? Which hustle statistics have an impact on wins and losses? Does spending more on player salaries translate into a winning record? You’ll answer all these questions and more. Plus, R’s visualization capabilities shine through in the book’s 300 plots and charts, including Pareto charts, Sankey diagrams, Cleveland dot plots, and dendrograms.

What's inside

  • Transforming, tidying, and wrangling data
  • Applying best-in-class exploratory data analysis techniques
  • Developing supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms
  • Executing hypothesis tests and effect size tests

About the reader

 For readers who know basic statistics. No advanced knowledge of R—or basketball—required.

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