Grokking Web Application Security

Grokking Web Application Security

 Application security is a front-burner concern for web developers. Whether working on the UI with a frontend framework or building out the server side, it’s up to you to understand the threats and know exactly how to keep the black hats from getting the upper hand.

 Grokking Web Application Security covers everything a working developer needs to know about securing applications in the browser and on the server. The tested techniques apply to any stack and are illustrated with concrete examples plucked from author Malcolm McDonald’s extensive career. You’ll discover must-implement security principles and even learn the fascinating tools and techniques the bad guys use to crack systems.

What's inside

  • A security-first development process
  • Encryption in web applications
  • Supply-chain and API attacks
  • What to do when a hacker gets in

About the reader

 For readers who understand basic web application design and technologies.

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