Real-World iOS by Tutorials: Professional App Development With Swift

This book is suitable for developers of all skill levels. Its content assumes foundational knowledge of the following subjects: Swift: The leading programming language for iOS development from Apple. SwiftUI: A declarative and reactive user interface framework. Networking: Basic concepts of networking using URLSession and related classes and methods. Core Data: Creating database entities and attributes, as well as fetching and saving data. Accessibility: Designing with VoiceOver and following Apple Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) best practices. Unit Testing: Using Xcode's Unit Testing and Test-Driven Development techniques. Deployment: Testing flight beta versions and submitting apps to the App Store. Note: If you want to fill in gaps in your knowledge, provides a variety of books to assist. To brush up on Swift and SwiftUI, Swift Apprentice and Swift UI Apprentice are excellent places to start. Core Data with Tutorials takes you through the entire Core Data process. iOS Animations with Tuts+ is another good resource for learning more about animations in iOS.Tutorials provide you with the basics to keep your app alive for your users. With iOS Test-Driven Development by Tutorials, you can learn techniques to keep your app bug-free. Finally, iOS App Distribution and Best Practices provide the best techniques for getting your app on the App Store. As mentioned earlier, this book covers a wide range of topics and does not go too deep into them. Instead, the focus is on why you should use these techniques and best practices to make your app successful.

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