Scrivener Publishing LLC

Information about the publisher:


The purpose of Scrivener Publishing is to publish books in the technical applied sciences for both the practitioner in industry and the researcher in academia. This high-quality content is essential to our professional customers and is sold globally as print and electronic as well as in aggregated databases, including Scopus and Web of Science. We believe our content helps businesses and industry achieve cost efficiencies and higher productivity. By partnering with Wiley, the leading engineering publisher, to create our joint imprint, Wiley-Scrivener, Scrivener Publishing offers our authors, editors and contributors, efficient and personalized editorial attention, as well as global marketing, sales, and distribution both in print and digital.

Core Value

 Our slogan Putting Authors (and Users) First™ says it all. says it all. Authors are our source of all content and they are the foundation of our product. We will do everything possible to respect and honor this basic fact. We want them to feel they are being treated well and consulted at all times.

The Name of the Company

According to Wikipedia, the word "scrivener" comes from Middle English "scriveiner" which is an alteration of the obsolete "scrivein", from Anglo-French "escrivein", and from Vulgate Latin "scriban", an alteration of the Latin "scriba" (as scribe). In today's world, the scribes are our valuable authors and the name of the company acknowledges this fact as well as sets the foundation of our values: Putting Authors (and Users) First™.