SAGE Publications, Inc.

Information about the publisher:

 Sage is a global academic publisher of books, journals, and library resources with a growing range of technologies to enable discovery, access, and engagement. Believing that research and education are critical in shaping society, 24-year-old Sara Miller McCune founded Sage in 1965. Today, we are controlled by a group of trustees charged with maintaining our independence and mission indefinitely.  

 Our mission is building bridges to knowledge — supporting the development of ideas through the research process to scholarship that is certified, taught, and applied.


Celebrating the social & behavioral sciences

 Sage has been part of the global academic community since 1965, supporting quality research that transforms society and our understanding of individuals, groups, and cultures. We are committed to working together with our publishing partners and scholarly community to support their growing needs and the dissemination of their pivotal research.

Research methods

 As the social and behavioral sciences have increasingly built on the ‘science’ part of the name, creating a body of qualitative, quantitative and evaluative research methods has become the foundation of these disciplines’ future in the broader world. Beginning in 1972, our robust list of publications and digital resources has grown to help you at every step of your research journey, including textbooks that lay out the fundamentals of the research process, journals that highlight the latest methodological innovations, the Sage Research Methods platform that combines a library of methods texts and original content with interactive tools to guide researchers at any level, and the online community SRM Community.

 How we’ve shaped research methods

 “The first words that come to mind when I think of Sage,” David Coghlan at Trinity College Dublin has said, “are leaders in advancing the theory and practice in the field of research methods.”

 “Early in our history,” said Ziyad Marar, Sage’s president of global publishing, “Sara, in identifying things we could do differently from the rest of the publishing industry, recognized that research methods weren’t just something that scholars around the world do; they actually needed to be informed about it. That was a really innovative breakthrough.”

 Sara Miller McCune launched the journal Sociological Methods and Research in 1972, just seven years after the launch of the company.