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We support the knowledge seeker

A trusted leader in research and learning, our pioneering solutions and services are paving the way for knowledge seekers as they work to solve the world’s most important challenges. We are advocates of advancement, empowering knowledge-seekers to transform today’s biggest obstacles into tomorrow’s brightest opportunities.

With over 200 years of experience in publishing, we continue to evolve knowledge seekers’ steps into strides, illuminating their path forward to personal, educational, and professional success at every stage. Around the globe, we break down barriers for innovators, empowering them to advance discoveries in their fields, adapt their workforces, and shape minds.

For over two centuries we’ve been empowering people who want to learn, discover, create, and lead in their fields. We create and share high-quality, relevant, and inclusive content that empowers people, protects our planet, helps our stakeholders achieve their goals, and furthers our positive impact. We advance knowledge and learning across the globe by removing barriers to progress – both inside and outside our walls.

Our Approach to ESG

 Our ESG strategy is guided by:

  • Our commitment to being a company that continues to make people proud through our culture, operations, and guiding principles.
  • Our responsibility to lead global change on issues where we have expertise through our resources, reputation, and reach—elevating evidence-based knowledge on environmental and social topics shaping society.

 As a founding signatory for Publishing Declares and members of the UN Global Compact and SDG Publishers Compact, there are three UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that underpin our ESG strategy: quality education, reducing inequalities, and climate action. Learn more about our ESG strategy from our ESG leader, Bill Deluise.