Essential C# 12.0. 8 Ed

Essential C# 12.0. 8 Ed

 The Comprehensive, Expert Guide to C# 12.0 for Programmers at All Levels

 Updated for the Microsoft C# 12.0 Long Term Support (LTS) release, Essential C# 12.0 is a well-organized, no-fluff C# guide, suitable for every programmer. Building on the proven, high-value content of previous editions, world-class C# expert Mark Michaelis illuminates key enhancements in C# 12.0, including any-type aliases, inline arrays, default lambda expression parameters, and expanded support for primary constructors.

 Michaelis presents a comprehensive tutorial and reference for the entire C# language, helping you accelerate your journey to expert-level C# programmer. Succinct examples illustrate core constructs, and modern coding guidelines help you minimize bugs and write code that's easier to evolve. To help you quickly find what you need and maintain compatibility, the book includes version-specific icons and notes identifying when each innovation was introduced.

  • Use structured programming constructs to write functioning code immediately
  • Learn both the complexities and solutions to nullable reference types
  • Thoroughly master C# object constructs, including classes, inheritance, and interfaces
  • Reduce code redundancy with generics, delegates, and lambda expressions
  • Take full advantage of collections with LINQ
  • Improve multithreading with the taskbased async pattern and asynchronous streams
  • Enhance performance through the parallel processing of data and multithreading tasks
  • Make the most of refl ection, attributes, and the declarative programming paradigm
  • Program complex types with enhanced pattern matching syntax
  • Write succinct type defi nitions with record structs and classes
  • Explore the new features of C# 8.0-C# 12.0

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