Debugging Machine Learning Models with Python

 Debugging Machine Learning Models with Python is a comprehensive guide that navigates you through the entire spectrum of mastering machine learning, from foundational concepts to advanced techniques. It goes beyond the basics to arm you with the expertise essential for building reliable, high-performance models for industrial applications. Whether you're a data scientist, analyst, machine learning engineer, or Python developer, this book will empower you to design modular systems for data preparation, accurately train and test models, and seamlessly integrate them into larger technologies.

 By bridging the gap between theory and practice, you'll learn how to evaluate model performance, identify and address issues, and harness recent advancements in deep learning and generative modeling using PyTorch and scikit-learn. Your journey to developing high quality models in practice will also encompass causal and human-in-the-loop modeling and machine learning explainability. With hands-on examples and clear explanations, you'll develop the skills to deliver impactful solutions across domains such as healthcare, finance, and e-commerce.

What you will learn

  • Enhance data quality and eliminate data flaws
  • Effectively assess and improve the performance of your models
  • Develop and optimize deep learning models with PyTorch
  • Mitigate biases to ensure fairness
  • Understand explainability techniques to improve model qualities
  • Use test-driven modeling for data processing and modeling improvement
  • Explore techniques to bring reliable models to production
  • Discover the benefits of causal and human-in-the-loop modeling

Who this book is for

 This book is for data scientists, analysts, machine learning engineers, Python developers, and students looking to build reliable, high-performance, and explainable machine learning models for production across diverse industrial applications. Fundamental Python skills are all you need to dive into the concepts and practical examples covered. Whether you're new to machine learning or an experienced practitioner, this book offers a breadth of knowledge and practical insights to elevate your modeling skills.

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