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Dart Apprentice: Fundamentals. 1st Ed

Автор: Jonathan Sande
Дата выхода: 2022
Издательство: Kodeco
Количество страниц: 222
Размер файла: 26,9 МБ

 Dart is a modern and powerful programming language. Google intentionally designed it to be unsurprising. In many ways, it’s a boring language, and that’s a good thing! It means Dart is fast and easy to learn. While Dart does have some unique characteristics, if you have any experience with other object-oriented or C-style languages, you’ll immediately feel at home with Dart. Even if you come here as a complete beginner to programming, Dart is a good place to start. The concepts that you’ll learn in this book will give you a solid foundation for your coding career.

 There’s a good chance you picked up this book because you want to make a Flutter app, and you heard you needed to learn Dart. It was no accident that Flutter chose Dart as its language. The Dart virtual machine allows lightning-fast development-time rebuilds, and its ahead-of-time compiler creates native applications for every major platform. As one of the most versatile languages on the market today, you can use Dart to write anything from command-line apps and backend servers to native applications for Android, iOS, web, Mac, Windows, Linux and even embedded devices.

 It’s no wonder then that developers across the world have taken notice. Rather than completely rewriting the same application in different languages for multiple platforms, developers save countless hours by using a single language and a shared codebase. This translates to a win for companies as well because they save money without sacrificing speed.

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