Beginning Django API with React

 In this book, we take you on a fun, hands-on and pragmatic journey to learning Django API React stack development. You'll start building your first Django API React stack app within minutes. Every chapter is written in a bite-sized manner and straight to the point as we don’t want to waste your time (and most certainly ours) on the content you don't need. In the end, you will have the skills to create a Todo app and deploy it to the Internet.

 The goal of this book is to teach you Django API React stack development in a manageable way without overwhelming you. We focus only on the essentials and cover the material in a hands-on practice manner for you to code along.

Working Through This Book

 This book is purposely broken down into short chapters where the development process of each chapter will center on different essential topics. The book takes a practical hands on approach to learning through practice. You learn best when you code along with the examples in the book.


 No previous knowledge on Django or React development is required, but you should have basic programming knowledge. It will be a helpful advantage if you could read through my Beginning Django and React book first which will provide you will better insight and deeper knowledge into the various technologies. But even if you have not done so, you should still be able to follow along.

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