Richard Wiener


 Richard Wiener, Ph.D. authored or co-authored 22 professional, software development and computer-science textbooks published by Wiley, Addison-Wesley, Prentice-Hall, Cambridge University Press and Thompson. Served as founding Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Object-Oriented Programming for 12 years and later, founding Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Object Technology for 9 years. Worked as Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (UCCS) from 1977-2012. Served as Department Chair during last four years at UCCS. Served as consultant and software developer for IBM, HP, Boeing, Textronix, DEC and many other companies. Presented industry short-courses all over the world from 1980 to 2006. Earned BS and MS in Electrical Engineering from City University of New York and Ph.D. from Polytechnic Institute of New York.