Nicolas Modrzyk


 Nicolas Modrzyk is the technical guru of Karabiner Software a successful consulting company located in the ever-dynamic Tokyo, Japan, with its mix of ancestral culture, and its future-oriented movement. He is also an active contributor to the Open-Source community in various projects for Imaging, AI and Cloud Computing. As both an engineer and a consultant, Nico has been involved in both sides of selling and designing large scale applications, managing enormous clusters of databases through handwritten middleware, enabling Japanese leaders and pushing international boundaries. Nico is an ardent advocate of Agile methods and is focused on getting the job done right to satisfy clients. He also knows how to say no to customer, and discuss requests to make the product less robust, and convoluted. At the same time, he loves to push both team members, and friends, to challenge themselves and define and reach their clearly goals. To gather culture, and different point of views, he has been meeting people and living in various countries such as France, Ireland, Japan, China, Korea and India as well as the US of A. Nico is the author of a few programming books, available on Amazon. You can talk to Nico in French, English and Japanese, and you can get along with him in Spanish and Chinese. He recently picked up a saxophone to honor his grand-father and his uncle, in the hope to match their skill with a brass instrument. He will be ready for a jazz session together whenever you are.