Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel


 Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel is Professor of the Practice and the Director of Undergraduate Studies at the Department of Statistical Science and an affiliated faculty in the Computational Media, Arts, and Cultures program at Duke University as well as Educator at RStudio. Mine works on innovation in statistics and data science pedagogy, with an emphasis on computing, reproducible research, student-centered learning, and open-source education. At RStudio, Mine's work focuses primarily on education for open-source R packages as well as building resources and tools for educators teaching statistics and data science with R and RStudio. Mine has authored four undergraduate statistics textbooks as part of the OpenIntro projects, teaches the popular MOOC Statistics with R on Coursera and is the developer and maintainer of Data Science in a Box. Mine is a Fellow of the ASA and an Elected Member of the ISI as well as the recipient of the 2021 Robert V. Hogg Award For Excellence in Teaching Introductory Statistics, the 2018 Harvard Pickard Award, and the 2016 ASA Waller Education Award.