Michael Müller


 Michael Müller is an IT professional with more than 30 years of experience including about 25 years in the healthcare sector. During this time, he has worked in different areas, especially project and product management, consulting, and software development. During a couple of Software development project, he also could gain intensive international experience.

 Currently, he is the head of software development at the German DRG institute inek.org. In this role, he is responsible for Web applications as well as other Java and .NET projects. Web projects are preferably built with Java technologies such as JSF with the help of supporting languages like JavaScript.

 Michael has a strong experience using lambda statements the .Net environment (LINQ with C#). Beginning with Java 8, he finally can use similar powerful features with Java.

 Michael is a JSF professional user and a member of the JSR 344 and JSR 372 (JSF) expert groups. His first book Web Development with Java and JSF consequential deals with this Java web technology.

 He frequently reads books and writes reviews as well as technical papers, which are mostly published in German-printed magazines and on his website.