Maxwell Flitton


 Maxwell Flitton is a software engineer at SurrealDB. He is also a visiting research associate, at the School of Biomedical Engineering and Imaging Science at Kings College London. Here Maxwell is leading the Rust software development for medical devices and surgical robotics. In 2011, Maxwell achieved his Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from the University of Lincoln, UK. While working 12-hour shift s in the A&E departments of hospitals, Maxwell obtained another degree in physics from the Open University in the UK and then moved on to another milestone, with a postgraduate diploma in physics and engineering in medicine from UCL in London. He's worked on numerous projects such as medical simulation software for the German government and supervising computational medicine students at Imperial College London. He also has experience in financial tech, working at the open-source financial loss risk calculation engine OasisLMF, and has worked at MonolithAI.