Mauricio Aniche


 Dr. Maurício Aniche's life's mission is to make software engineers better at what they do. He leads the Tech Academy of Adyen. He is also an assistant professor in software engineering at Delft University of Technology, where he conducts research on how to make developers more productive during testing and maintenance. His teaching efforts in software testing gained him the Teacher of Year 2021 award and the TU Delft Education Fellowship, a prestigious fellowship given to innovative lecturers.

 Maurício holds MSc and PhD degrees in computersScience from the University of São Paulo, Brazil. During his MSc, he co-founded Alura, one of the most popular e-learning platforms for software engineers in Brazil. He is the author of many books: "Effective Software Testing: A Developer's Guide" (published by Manning in 2022), as well as "Test-Driven Development in the Real World" and "Object-Oriented Programming and SOLID for Ninjas" (published by Casa do Código in 2012 and 2015, respectively, in Brazilian Portuguese).

 Maurício strongly believes that software engineering will soon become a more science-based field. One of his goals is to make sure practitioners get to know what academics are up to, and that academics get to know the real challenges that practitioners face in their daily jobs.