Frank Zammetti


 Frank Zammetti is a Principal Full-Stack Developer for a major financial firm with nearly 27 years of professional experience (plus almost 15 years of nonprofessional experience before that). He is an author of, including this one, 13 technical books for Apress. Frank has also authored over two dozen certification exams for SHL as well as several independent articles for various publications. He is also a fiction author (shameless plug: look him up on Amazon if you like sci-fi) and a musician of some renown (and here, “some” should be taken to mean very little). Frank has been married for 27 years (to the same woman even!) and they have two children together. When not doing any of the afermentioned things, Frank can be found sleeping, ‘cause that’s about all there’s time for after all that, and not nearly enough of it either!