Emily Ro Schoof


 We live in such a fascinating era of world history. We are more unified than ever, and now possess the remarkable gift of accessibility, with education, global information, and travel at our fingertips. However, with all this access, we're confronted with a unique problem: the overwhelm of information. It can be easy to forget the gifts of this connectivity in the fatigue of navigating the constant stream of data, especially when the information circulating skews towards division and antagonism. In a world filled with separation and mental distractions, how do we cut through the noise and grasp what truly matters?

 As an author, and as an individual, I seek to create content that cultivates open-mindedness, empathy, and a genuine desire to understand the rich complexities of this world. I believe that an open-mind, enriched by curiosity and a willingness to learn, brings a wave a healing to all it comes into contact with. I am dedicated to promoting these qualities and fostering unity and newfound collaboration. Even if my work is just one drop in the ocean. <3