Denis Panjuta


Denis Panjuta's journey from curiosity to mastery began in Russia, where he was born, and continued in Germany, where he grew up. As the youngest of three siblings, his early exposure to computers at the age of 11 sparked a lifelong fascination with technology. Despite challenges such as struggling to learn Java at 17 with outdated resources, his perseverance remained strong. By 23, with a renewed focus and improved materials, he had mastered software development.
His academic journey at the University of Applied Sciences in Konstanz, Germany led him to combine his coding skills with a passion for teaching, culminating in an award-winning bachelor's thesis on coding tutorials and a successful career as an instructor in Android app development and .NET programming. His belief in the power of knowledge sharing through teaching has been a guiding force in his approach to teaching.
Outside of his professional life, Denis is an avid gamer and skater.And hiker, who embodies an adventurous spirit and is always seeking new challenges. His recent foray into authorship aims to reach 10 million coding students and inspire them to improve the world through the software they develop. This is a testament to Denis Panjuta's inspirational role in the field of coding education.