Brij Kishore Pandey


 Brij Kishore Pandey is a seasoned software engineer and tech leader with 14+ years experience delivering large-scale applications for JP Morgan Chase, American Express, 3M, Alaska Airlines, Cigna Healthcare, and ADP.

 Currently a Software Engineer at ADP, Brij specializes in Python, Go, cloud, and modern software practices. He is deeply involved in data engineering, developing cutting-edge applications, migrating legacy systems to the cloud, and incorporating AI/ML.

 Brij is known for his technical breadth, leadership capabilities, and excellence in delivering robust, scalable solutions. He thrives in fast-paced environments and excels in strategic, cross-functional roles.

 Outside of work, Brij is passionate about sharing his extensive knowledge on software engineering and cloud architecture. He engages audiences on topics ranging from Python and Go to Kubernetes and AI.