Bartłomiej Płotka


 Bartlomiej Plotka is a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat with a background in SRE. Working primarily on observability topics, he helped to build many popular, reliable, performance, and efficiency-oriented distributed systems in Go. He is a core maintainer of various open-source projects including the CNCF Prometheus (https: //, libraries in the gRPC ecosystem, and more. In 2017 he created, together with Fabian Reinartz, a popular, open source distributed time series database. Focused on cheap and efficient metric monitoring, written in Go and called Thanos (http: //, it went through hundreds of performance and efficiency focused improvements and researches. Developing in Go since 2014, Barteka s passion was always to focus on the readability, reliability, and efficiency aspect of the language. On the way, Bartek helped to develop many tools, blog posts and even created opinionated Go code style to teach others on writing pragmatic, but efficient Go applications.