Bala Paranj


 Bala Paranj has a masters degree in Electrical Engineering from The Wichita State University. He has been working in the IT industry since 1996. He started his career as Technical Support Engineer and became a Web Developer using Perl, Java and Ruby. He has consulted for companies in USA, Australia and Jamaica in finance, telecommunications and other domains.

 He has professionally worked as a developer using TDD and pair programming for startups. He is the founder of Silicon Valley Ruby Meetup. He has been organizing Ruby, Rails and TDD related events since 2007. He has taught TDD Bootcamps and TDD tutorials for Silicon Valley Ruby Meetup members for more than 3 years.

 He published an article in JavaWorld in 1999 on Command Pattern. Java Tip 68: Learn how to implement the Command pattern in Java. He is also the content creator for the Whizlabs OOAD test simulator. This is the exam simulator for students preparing for IBM 486 Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with UML. He is the author of self-published book Rails 4 Quickly and Test Driven Development in Ruby - A Gentle Introduction for Beginners Amazon Kindle book.