Azat Mardan


- Azat led teams and contributed to implementation of multiple high-scale (millions of users) production web and mobile apps at Google/YouTube, Indeed, Capital One, DocuSign; and has experience working in startups that exited: Storify (acquisition), Node University (acquisition) and DocuSign (IPO).

- Azat wrote over a dozen books on cloud, APIs, Node, React and JavaScript with Apress Media and Manning Publications with some of them becoming bestsellers and being used as text books by Computer Science courses at universities around the world.

- At one point, Azat was the #239 most active GitHub contributor in the world right next to Paul Irish, Addy Osmani, Todd Motto and other famous developers; contributor/creator of open source project: jade-browser, openlist, mongoui and others.

- Azat spoke at over 30 conferences world-wide, keynoted and the shared stage with Douglas Crockford, Jeff Atwood (creator of Stackoverflow), Scott Hanselman, Danese Cooper and many others; and some of Azat’s talks are popular on YouTube.

- Azat taught software engineers of prominent companies: VISA, Apple, Microsoft, Starbucks, Cisco, Walmart, Intuit, Capital One, Macy’s, OnDeck, HubSpot, Northwestern Mutual, Salesforce, DocuSign, VMWare, 20th Century Fox Studios, UC Davis, Michael Kors and others.

- Azat authored 200+ blog posts on Webapplog, and 20+ video courses on edX, Udemy and Node University.

- Mentors startup foundrs at famous 500 Startups (San Francisco California) and the prestigious HEC Paris incubator at Station F in Paris France.

- Holds two masters degrees: Innovation and Entrepreneurship from HEC Paris (#1 business/MBA school in Europe) and Information Systems Technology from UNVA.

- Was awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in Developer Technologies.

- Visiting professor at a top tech university.