Almantas Karpavicius


 Almantas Karpavicius is a lead software engineer working in the information and technology company, TransUnion. He has been a professional programmer for over five years. On top of his full-time programming career, Almantas has spent three years teaching programming for free in his free time on Twitch. He is a founder of a C# programming community called C# Inn that boasts over 7000 members and the creator of two free C# boot camps in which he has helped hundreds of people get a start in their careers. He has taken interviews with programming celebrities, such as Jon Skeet, Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob), Mark Seemann, and was also a part-time Java teacher for a time. Almantas likes talking about software design, clean code, and architecture. He is also interested in Agile (Scrum, in particular) and is a big fan of automated tests, especially those done using BDD. He also holds a two-year Microsoft MVP.