Adarsha Shivananda


 Adarsha is an exceptional AI Visionary with a remarkable track record. As an accomplished author, thought leader, speaker, and educator, he has made significant contributions to the fields of AI/ML and Generative AI. With an extensive consultancy background involving Fortune 500 companies and global enterprises, Adarsha is a trusted expert in building and scaling AI and Machine Learning use cases. As an analytics advisor, he has consistently delivered value to his clients.

 Currently working at Kimberly-Clark, a fortune 100 CPG company as Data Science Manager, with his visionary leadership building in-house MLOps and LLMOps platforms at Scale.

 Adarsha's impressive portfolio includes 7+ authored AI books with Apress.

 He has conducted numerous workshops and corporate training across India, sharing his expertise in Data Science, Analytics, and AI. He has mentored 1000s of students through prestigious institutes like Growth School, Great learning etc. His influence extends to the academic world, where he serves as a visiting faculty member at top institutions such as IITs, IIMs, IIITs etc. Adarsha's passion for knowledge sharing is evident through his numerous tech talks on AI at various conferences and community-arranged forums.

 Various roles includes AI Educator, AI/ML content developer, Data science trainer, Content creator, Analytics trainer, Corporate trainer, Freelance training, Data science consultant, Analytics consultant, AI consultant.

 Expert in Analytics, Data Science, Data Engineering, NLP, AI, ML, MLOps, DL, ChatGPT, Generative AI, LLMs, Image processing, Diffusion Models, Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT), Multimodal Learning, LLMOps