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Beginning R

Автор: Mark Gardener
Дата выхода: 2012
Издательство: Wrox
Количество страниц: 507
Размер файла: 17,6 МБ

 This book is for anyone who needs to analyze any data, whatever their discipline or line of work. Whether you are in science, business, medicine, or engineering, you will have data to analyze and results to present. R is powerful and flexible and completely cross-platform. This means you can share data and results with anyone. R is backed by a huge project team, so being free does not mean being inferior!

 If you are completely new to R, this book will enable you to get it and start to become familiar with it. There is no assumption that you know anything about the program to begin with. If you are already familiar with R, you will find this book a useful reference that you can call upon time and time again; the first chapter is largely concerned with installing R, so you may want to skip to Chapter 2.

 This book is not about statistical analyses, so some familiarity with basic analytical methods is helpful (but not obligatory). The book deals with the means to make R work for you; this means learning the language of R rather than learning statistics. Once you are familiar with R you will be empowered to use it to undertake a huge variety of analytical tasks, more than can be conveniently packaged into a single book. R also produces presentation-quality graphics and this book leads you through the complexities of that.

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