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Tiny Python Projects

Автор: Ken Youens-Clark
Дата выхода: 2020
Издательство: Manning Publications Co.
Количество страниц: 440
Размер файла: 11,6 МБ

 Who should read this book?

 After you read this book and write all the programs, I would hope that you will be a zealot for creating programs that are documented, tested, and reproducible.

  I think my ideal reader is someone who’s been trying to learn to code well but isn’t quite sure how to level up. Perhaps you are someone who’s been playing with Python or some other language that has a similar syntax, like Java(Script) or Perl. Maybe you’ve cut your teeth on something really different, like Haskell or Scheme, and you’re wondering how to translate your ideas to Python. Maybe you’ve been writing Python for a while and are looking for interesting challenges with enough structure to help you know when you’re moving in the right direction.

 This is a book that will teach you to write well-structured, documented, testable code in Python. The material introduces best practices from industry such as testdriven development—that’s when the tests for a program exist even before the program itself is written! I will show you how to read documentation and Python Enhancement Proposals (PEPs) and how to write idiomatic code that other Python programmers would immediately recognize and understand.

 This is probably not an ideal book for the absolute beginning programmer. I assume no prior knowledge of the Python language specifically, because I’m thinking of someone who is coming from another language. If you’ve never written a program in any language at all, you might do well to come back to this material when you are comfortable with ideas like variables, loops, and functions.

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