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PyTorch Pocket Reference

Автор: Joe Papa
Дата выхода: 2021
Издательство: O’Reilly Media, Inc.
Количество страниц: 310
Размер файла: 6,7 МБ

 We are living in exciting times! Some of us have been fortunate to have lived through huge advances in technology—the inven‐ tion of the personal computer, the dawn of the internet, the proliferation of cell phones, and the advent of social media. And now, major breakthroughs are happening in AI!

 It’s exciting to watch and be a part of this change. I think we’re just getting started, and it’s amazing to think of how the world might change over the next decade. How great it is that we’re living during these times and can participate in the expansion of AI?

 PyTorch has, no doubt, enabled some of the finest advances in deep learning and AI. It’s free to download and use, and with it anyone with a computer or internet connection can run AI experiments. In addition to more comprehensive references like this one, there are many free and inexpensive training courses, blog articles, and tutorials that can help you. Anyone can get started using PyTorch for machine learning and AI.

 Who Should Read This Book

This book is written for both beginners and advanced users interested in machine learning and AI. It will help to have some experience writing Python code and a basic understanding of data science and machine learning.

 If you’re just getting started in machine learning, this book will help you learn the basics of PyTorch and provide some simple examples. If you’ve been using another framework, such as TensorFlow, Caffe2, or MXNet, the book with help you become familiar with the PyTorch API and its programming mindset so you can expand your skillset.

 If you’ve been using PyTorch for a while, this book will help you expand your knowledge on advanced topics like accelera‐ tion and optimization and provide a quick-reference resource while you use PyTorch for your day-to-day development.

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