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Beginning PyQt. 2 Ed

Автор: Joshua M. Willman
Дата выхода: 2022
Издательство: Apress Media, LLC.
Количество страниц: 557
Размер файла: 9,2 МБ

 Learn GUI application development from the ground up by building simple projects that teach the fundamentals of using PyQt6. This 2nd edition includes updated code, programs, and new chapters to get you started using the newest version.  Taking a practical approach, each chapter will gradually teach more advanced and diverse concepts to aid you in designing and customizing interesting and professional applications.

 You'll start by learning important concepts related to GUI development, and then jump right into building different and exciting projects in every chapter. Along the way, you’ll discover new widgets, layouts, and other concepts that will help you to build better UIs. You'll also construct more elaborate GUIs, covering topics that include storing data using the clipboard, graphics and animation, support for SQL databases, multithreading applications, and building modern-looking interfaces. 

 Using this knowledge, you’ll be able to build a photo editor, games, a text editor, a working web browser, and an assortment of other GUIs. In the end, this book will guide you through the process of creating UIs to help you bring your own ideas to life.  Find out what you need to begin making your own applications with PyQt! 

What You'll Learn

  • Develop cross-platform UIs with PyQt and Python
  • Use PyQt’s many widgets and apply them by building real applications
  • Build larger applications through a step-by-step approach and break the code into smaller chunks for deeper understanding
  • Work with more complex applications in PyQt, covering SQL databases, multithreading, web browsers, and more
  • Create modern-looking UIs with Qt Quick and QtQml using the latest version of PyQt

Who This Book Is For

 Python developers who are looking to begin creating user interfaces and want to utilize the latest version of PyQt to gets started. Having prior knowledge of PyQt or other Python UI toolkits is not necessary to begin using this book.

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