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​Advanced Python Development

Автор: Matthew Wilkes
Дата выхода: 2020
Издательство: Apress Media, LLC.
Количество страниц: 620
Размер файла: 7,9 МБ

 My objective in writing this book is to share knowledge from different parts of the community and lessons learned over 15 years of writing Python code for a living. It will help you to be productive, both with the core language and add-on libraries. You will learn how to effectively use features of the language that are not strictly essential to be a productive programmer, such as asynchronous programming, packaging, and testing.

 However, this book is aimed at people who want to write code, not people who are looking to understand deep magics. I will not delve too far into subjects that involve implementation details of Python. You will not be expected to grok1 Python C extensions, metaclasses, or algorithms to benefit from this book.

 Substantive code samples are shown as numbered listings, and the accompanying code for this book includes electronic versions of these listings. Some of these listings also have output shown directly beneath, rather than separately as a numbered figure.

 The accompanying code for this book is also where you’ll find copies of the full codebase for the example on a chapter-by-chapter basis, as well as helper code for the exercises. In general, I would recommend that you follow along with the code by checking out the Git repository from the book’s website or the code distribution and changing to the relevant branch for the chapter you’re reading.

 As well as listings, I show some console sessions. When lines which are formatted like code begin with >, that indicates that a shell session is being shown. These sections cover commands to be run from your operating system’s terminal. Any that involve >>> are demonstrating a Python console session and should be run from within a Python interpreter.

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