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Selenium WebDriver Recipes in Node.js

Автор: Zhimin Zhan
Дата выхода: 2021
Издательство: Leanpub
Количество страниц: 186
Размер файла: 3,9 МБ

 The Selenium WebDriver Recipes book is a quick problem-solving guide to automated testing web applications with Selenium WebDriver. It contains hundreds of solutions to real-world problems, with clear explanations and ready-to-run test scripts you can use in your own projects.

 Selenium WebDriver is a popular browser automation framework, testers or developers with Selenium skills are in high demand. It is easy to get started with Selenium, but do you use effectively for testing real-world test scenarios? Such as data driving test from an Excel spreadsheet and handling pop up dialogs.

 Selenium WebDriver Recipes will show you solutions to your problems from the experts who have already solved them. All recipe test scripts (~200 in JavaScript language) are ready-to-run, i.e., I created the target web pages and test sites, so that you can simply find the recipes and run, in a matter of seconds. Owning this book is like having a test automation coach sitting next to you.

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