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jQuery Recipes

Автор: Bintu Harwani
Дата выхода: 2022
Издательство: Apress Media, LLC.
Количество страниц: 702
Размер файла: 19,9 МБ

 jQuery is one of today's most popular JavaScript web application development frameworks and libraries. jQuery Recipes can get you started with jQuery quickly and easily, and it will serve as a valuable long-term reference.

  • The book begins with small initial problems that developers typically face while working with jQuery, and gradually goes deeper to explore more complex problems.
  • The solutions include illustrations and clear, concise explanations of the code. Using this book and jQuery, your web sites will be more dynamic and lively.

What you'll learn

  • How to use the jQuery framework
  • The basics of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and how they apply to jQuery and its functions
  • Fundamentals like selectors, the DOM, and event handling with running code recipes
  • How to make your web sites more dynamic using rich code templates
  • How to apply animation effects to your web sites using jQuery code recipes
  • How to develop Ajax applications using jQuery
  • How to use jQuery utility functions
  • How to extend jQuery with plug-ins and their types

Who this book is for

 The book is meant for the beginners who have a little knowledge of HTML and intend to make dynamic websites. The book will be of great use for developers and professionals who wish to make highly interactive websites with minimum code.

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