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On Java 8

Автор: Eckel Bruce
Дата выхода: 2021
Издательство: Leanpub
Количество страниц: 1778
Размер файла: 6,6 МБ

 My previous Java book, Thinking in Java, 4th Edition (Prentice Hall 2006), is still useful for programming in Java 5, the version of the language used for Android programming. But with the advent of Java 8, the language has changed significantly enough that new Java code feels and reads differently. This justified the two-year effort of creating a new book.

 On Java 8 is designed for someone with a basic foundation in programming. For beginners, web sites like Code.org and Khan Academy can provide at least some of that background, along with the free Thinking in C seminar. Services like YouTube, blogs and StackOverflow have made finding answers ridiculously easy compared to just a few years ago when we relied on print media. Combine these with perseverance, and you can use this book as your first programming text. It’s also intended for professional programmers who want to expand their knowledge.

 I am grateful for all the benefits from Thinking in Java, mostly in the form of speaking engagements all over the world. It has proved invaluable in creating connections with people and companies.

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