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Modernizing Enterprise Java: A Concise Cloud Native Guide for Developers

Автор: Markus Eisele, Natale Vinto
Дата выхода: 2022
Издательство: O’Reilly Media, Inc.
Количество страниц: 240
Размер файла: 3,8 МБ

 Enterprise development has always been one of the most exciting fields of software engineering, and the last decade has been a particularly fascinating period. The 2010s saw highly distributed microservices gradually replace classic three-tier architectures, with the almost limitless resources of cloud-based infrastructure pushing heavyweight application servers toward obsolescence. While developers are challenged with putting the pieces of the distributed world back together, plenty of voices question the necessity for this complex microservices world. The reality is that most applications are still well-crafted monolithic applications that follow a traditional software development process.

 However, the way we deploy and operate software has changed equally fast. We have seen DevOps growing into GitOps, expanding developers’ responsibilities beyond the application code including the required infrastructure. Building on Markus’s book Modern Java EE Design Patterns (O’Reilly), this book puts more perspective on modernization than just modularization. We want to help you understand the various pieces that lead to a modern Kubernetesnative development platform and how to build and maintain applications on top of it.

This book aims to step back and evaluate the success factors and drivers for application modernization and cloud native architectures. We focus on modernizing Java-based Enterprise Applications, including a selection process for which applications are suitable for modernization and an overview of tools and methodologies that help you manage your modernization efforts. Instead of talking about patterns, this book provides a set of examples to help you apply everything you’ve learned.

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