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  Hacking and Security

Android глазами хакера. 2 изд
Android глазами хакера. 2 изд. Евгений Зобнин (2024)

Рассмотрена внутренняя архитектура ОС Android, используемые ею разделы и файловые системы, принцип работы механизмов обновления и внутренних инструментов безопасности. Рассказано о разграничении доступа в ОС Android, о привилегиях, методах получения прав root, кастомизации и установке нестандартных прошивок. Описаны инструменты для …


Аудит безопасности информационных систем
Аудит безопасности информационных систем. Никита Скабцов (2018)

 В этой книге рассматриваются методы обхода систем безопасности сетевых сервисов и проникновения в открытые информационные системы. Информационная безопасность, как и многое в нашем мире, представляет собой медаль с двумя сторонами. С одной стороны, мы проводим аудит, ищем способы проникновения и …


Cybersecurity All-in-One For Dummies
Cybersecurity All-in-One For Dummies. Joseph Steinberg, Kevin Beaver, Ted Coombs, Ira Winkler (2023)

 Cybersecurity All-in-One For Dummies covers a lot of ground in the world of keeping computer systems safe from those who want to break in. This book offers a one-stop resource on cybersecurity basics, personal security, business security, cloud security, security testing, …


Cloud Attack Vectors
Cloud Attack Vectors. Morey J. Haber, Brian Chappell, Christopher Hills (2022)

 Cyberattacks continue to increase in volume and sophistication, targeting everything owned, managed, and serviced from the cloud. Today, there is widespread consensus―it is not a matter of if, but rather when an organization will be breached. Threat actors typically target the path of …


Как противостоять хакерским атакам
Как противостоять хакерским атакам. Райтман М.А (2023)

 Кибербезопасностью сегодня озабочены все, от рядовых пользователей Сети до владельцев крупных корпораций и государственных служащих. Но мало кто из них на самом деле знает, как функционирует мир хакерских атак и сетевых взломов изнутри.

Эта книга – ваш проводник в сферу …


Cyber Security: The complete guide to cyber threats and protection, 2nd Edition
Cyber Security: The complete guide to cyber threats and protection, 2nd Edition. David Sutton (2022)

While conducting my research for this (and the first edition of this) book, I have noted literally hundreds of cyber security incidents – some relatively trivial, some rather more serious.

 What has never ceased to amaze me is …


Build Your Own Test Framework
Build Your Own Test Framework. Daniel Irvine (2023)

 Learn to write better automated tests that will dramatically increase your productivity and have fun while doing so. This book is a build-your-own adventure designed for individual reading and for collaborative workshops.

 You will build an xUnit automated test framework …


Effective Software Testing
Effective Software Testing. Maurício Aniche (2022)

 Go beyond basic testing! Great software testing makes the entire development process more efficient. This book reveals a systemic and effective approach that will help you customize your testing coverage and catch bugs in tricky corner cases.


Python for Cybersecurity
Python for Cybersecurity. Howard E. Poston III (2022)

 Python For Cybersecurity: Using Python for Cyber Offense and Defense delivers an intuitive and hands-on explanation of using Python for cybersecurity. It relies on the MITRE ATT&CK framework to structure its exploration of cyberattack techniques, attack defenses, and the key cybersecurity …


Selenium and Appium with Python
Selenium and Appium with Python. Yogashiva Mathivanan (2023)

 Appium and Selenium are popular open-source frameworks widely used for test automation in the software industry. Python, on the other hand, is a versatile and powerful programming language known for its simplicity and readability. Combining Appium and Selenium with Python …


Social Engineering. 2 ed
Social Engineering. 2 ed. Christopher Hadnagy (2018)

 Social Engineering: The Science of Human Hacking reveals the craftier side of the hacker’s repertoire―why hack into something when you could just ask for access? Undetectable by firewalls and antivirus software, social engineering relies on human fault to gain access to …


Ransomware and Cybercrime
Ransomware and Cybercrime. Andrew Jenkinson (2022)

 In May 2021, Jim Gosler, known as the Godfather and commander of US agencies’ cyber offensive capability, said, ''Either the Intelligence Community (IC) would grow and adapt, or the Internet would eat us alive.'' Mr Gosler was speaking at his …