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Mastering Go Network Automation: Automating Networks, Container Orchestration, Kubernetes with Puppet, Vegeta and Apache JMeter

Автор: Ian Taylor
Дата выхода: 2023
Издательство: GitForGits
Количество страниц: 284
Размер файла: 4,3 МБ

 "Mastering Go Network Automation" is a structured beginning for network administrators looking to improve network efficiency, scalability, and security. This book provides a one-stop solution for all of your network administration needs, with comprehensive coverage of automation, security, containerization, monitoring, and performance testing.

 Beginning with the fundamentals of creating a network automation lab with the EVE-NG network simulator and the Go programming language, readers will learn the step-by-step process of installing EVE-NG, followed by the importance of service mesh in automation and how it can simplify network operations.

 The book delves deeply into critical topics such as deploying ingress controllers and implementing service mesh with Linkerd. Readers will learn about container-native storage, container storage management with Docker, and automating SSL certificates, firewall configuration, and network policies.

 Monitoring and performance tuning are also covered in the book, including how to monitor container performance and automatically roll out updates.

 The book concludes with a discussion of performance testing strategies like load testing, stress testing, and scalability testing. It shows readers how to find performance bottlenecks and optimise their network with the help of tools like Vegeta and Apache JMeter through the use of real-world examples.

 In this book you will learn how to: Setting up an EVE-NG network simulator, VIM IDE, kubeadm, and a comprehensive network automation lab to improve network efficiency, scalability, and security. Configuring ports, hosts, and servers using Go scripting to streamline network automation. Writing, testing, and validating network automation scripts to ensure smooth and reliable network administration.

 Building Docker images, running containers, and managing container deployments for efficient containerization.

 Automating load balancing, firewall configuration, and Kubernetes network policies for seamless network management.

 Working with popular tools such as Puppet, Zookeeper, Traefik, Envoy, and various Go networking packages.

 Automating SSL setup, container storage, container performance monitoring, and rolling updates.

 Using powerful load testing tools like Vegeta and Apache JMeter for efficient load testing, stress testing, and scalability testing to identify and eliminate performance bottlenecks.

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