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Get Programming with Go

Автор: Nathan Youngman, Roger Peppe
Дата выхода: 2018
Издательство: Manning Publications Co.
Количество страниц: 360
Размер файла: 29,1 МБ

Who should read this book?

 Go is suitable for programmers with a wide range of skill levels—a necessity for any large project. Being a relatively small language, with minimal syntax and few conceptual hurdles, Go could be the next great language for beginners.

 Unfortunately, many resources for learning Go presume a working knowledge of the C programming language. Get Programming with Go exists to fill the gap for scripters, hobbyists, and newcomers looking for a direct path to Go. To make it easier to get started, every code listing and exercise in this book can run inside the Go Playground (play .golang.org), so there’s nothing to install!

 If you’ve ever used a scripting language like JavaScript, Lua, PHP, Perl, Python, or Ruby, you’re ready to learn Go. If you’ve used Scratch or Excel formulas, or written HTML, you’re not alone in choosing Go as your first “real” programming language (see the video “A Beginner’s Mind” featuring Audrey Lim at youtu.be/fZh8uCInEfw). Mastering Go will take patience and effort, but we hope Get Programming with Go is a helpful resource in your quest.

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