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Flutter Apprentice. 3rd Ed

Автор: Mike Katz, Kevin D Moore, Vincent Ngo & Vincenzo Guzzi
Дата выхода: 2022
Издательство: Razeware LLC.
Количество страниц: 660
Размер файла: 171,7 МБ

 Welcome to Flutter Apprentice!

 Flutter is an incredible user interface (UI) toolkit that lets you build apps for iOS and Android — and even the web and desktop platforms like macOS, Windows and Linux — all from a single codebase.

 Flutter has all the benefits of other cross-platform tools, especially because you’re targeting multiple platforms from one codebase. Furthermore, it improves upon most cross-platform tools thanks to a super-fast rendering engine that makes your Flutter apps perform as native apps.

 In addition, Flutter features are generally independent of native features, since you use Flutter’s own type of UI elements, called widgets, to create your UI. And Flutter has the ability to work with native code, so you can integrate your Flutter app with native features when you need to.

 If you’re coming from a platform like iOS or Android, you’ll find the Flutter development experience refreshing! Thanks to a feature called “hot reload”, you rarely need to rebuild your apps as you develop them. A running app in a simulator or emulator will refresh with code changes automatically as you save your source files!

 In this book, you’ll see how to build full-featured Flutter apps, gain experience with a wide range of Flutter widgets and learn how to deploy your apps to mobile app stores.

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