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Flutter and Dart
Flutter and Dart. Dr. Deepti Chopra, Roopal Khurana (2023)

 Flutter and Dart are quickly becoming the go-to tools for building scalable native mobile apps. Whether you're a beginner looking to get started with mobile development or an experienced developer looking to add Flutter and Dart to your toolkit, this …


Flutter Cookbook
Flutter Cookbook. Alessandria S., Kayfitz B. (2021)

 This book contains over 100 short recipes that will help you learn Flutter by example. These recipes cover the most important Flutter features that will allow you to develop realworld apps. In every recipe, you will learn and immediately use …


Flutter Apprentice. 3rd Ed
Flutter Apprentice. 3rd Ed. Mike Katz, Kevin D Moore, Vincent Ngo & Vincenzo Guzzi (2022)

 Welcome to Flutter Apprentice!

 Flutter is an incredible user interface (UI) toolkit that lets you build apps for iOS and Android — and even the web and desktop platforms like macOS, Windows and Linux — all from a single codebase.


Real-World Flutter by Tutorials. 1st Ed
Real-World Flutter by Tutorials. 1st Ed. Edson Bueno & Vid Palčar (2022)

 This book will teach you to build professional iOS and Android apps for the real world using Flutter. You’ll gain all the foundations of mobile development you need to make the best decisions in your own codebase while addressing critical …