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Get programming with F#

Автор: Isaac Abraham
Дата выхода: 2018
Издательство: Manning Publications Co.
Количество страниц: 594
Размер файла: 14,3 МБ

 This book takes a practical look at how to start using functional programming techniques with F# in production applications, using frameworks, libraries, and tools that you’re already familiar with, as well as exploring F#-specific libraries that open up all sorts of interesting options that aren’t possible today in C# and VB .NET.

 It’s important to note from the outset that this book won’t teach you everything about the F# language. Instead, we’ll focus on a core subset of the language that gives you the most effective return for your investment; where there’s further learning available that could be worthwhile for you, I’ll point it out. You won’t learn everything about functional programming, either; again, we’ll concentrate on the most important fundamentals from which the more advanced techniques and practices will naturally reveal themselves to you over time. So, if you’re expecting to learn the ins and outs of functors, monads, and applicatives, this book isn’t for you. If, on the other hand, you want to learn the parts that will enable you to achieve the same qualities in software that you strive for already, without spending time learning the inner workings of exactly why things work from a theoretical point of view, then keep reading!

 If you’re an enterprise developer on .NET, it’s likely that you’re looking to see how F# can provide tangible benefits to you in the minimum amount of time. This book focuses on showing you things that you can start using today with F#, be they frameworks that you might already know, or F#-specific libraries designed to take full advantage of F#’s powerful type system that will provide real-world benefits over existing libraries. As such, this book focuses on using Visual Studio on Windows as the primary development platform, although you can use almost (but not all) of the libraries mentioned here through other IDEs and OSs.

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