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500 Most Important Data Science Interview Questions and Answers

Автор: Vamsee Puligadda
Дата выхода: 2018
Издательство: Indian Wolf Publications
Количество страниц: 141
Размер файла: 3,1 МБ

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Get that job, you aspire for!

Want to switch to that high paying job? Or are you already been preparing hard to give interview the next weekend?

Do you know how many people get rejected in interviews by preparing only concepts but not focusing on actually which questions will be asked in the interview?

Don't be that person this time.

This is the most comprehensive Data Science interview questions book that you can ever find out. It contains:

500 most frequently asked and important Data Science interview questions and answers

Wide range of questions which cover not only basics in Data Science but also most advanced and complex questions which will help freshers, experienced professionals, senior developers, testers to crack their interviews.

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