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Tiny CSS Projects

Автор: Martine Dowden
Дата выхода: 2023
Издательство: Manning Publications Co.
Количество страниц: 392
Размер файла: 39,5 МБ

Tiny CSS Projects is for readers who know the basics of HTML and frontend development. No experience in CSS is required. Both beginners and experienced coders will develop a deeper understanding of CSS through this book. Rather than present a theoretical view of CSS, each chapter applies a different part of CSS to a project to demonstrate in practice how CSS works.
How this book is organized:

A roadmap
The book has 12 chapters, each of which is a self-contained project:
Chapter 1, “CSS introduction”—This chapter’s project walks readers through the basics of CSS, examining cascade, specificity, and selectors.
Chapter 2, “Designing a layout using CSS grids”—This chapter explores CSS grids by designing a layout for an article while, in the process, looking at concepts such as grid tracks, minmax(), repeat functions, and the fractions unit.
Chapter 3, “Creating a responsive animated loading screen”—This project uses CSS to create a responsive animated loading screen, using scalable vector graphics and animation to style an HTML progress bar.
Chapter 4, “Creating a responsive web newspaper layout”—This chapter is about designing a multicolumn responsive web newspaper layout. 

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